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Robin Bucher was born in Versailles, France in 1983 and Patrick Csajko in Strasbourg, France the same year. They met each other at the School of Photography of Vevey in Switzerland where they both graduated in 2007.

They start their career as independent photographers in advertising, and the story could have easily stopped there. But it seems that the still image was not enough anymore, it asked to grow, to escape, it metamorphosed itself and ask to be deployed into space. Since their very first exhibition in Zurich back in 2012, Robin Bucher and Patrick Csajko propose a work which is intriguing and invites us to explore their need to transform reality and its form in a fantastic mix between humor and poetry.

In 2012, they start an artistic collaboration focused on anamorphosis, this subtle art of reversible deformation of an image using an optical system such as a mirror. They experiment from the large playing ground that is the one of image who arises, takes shape, burst and spoof the eye to better assure, giving reference to Markus Raetz and Raymond Devos simultaneously.

Bucher / Csajko’s work seeks a dialectic, shared both image and desire, and invites the spectator to a process of common experimentation. Several pieces use the mirror to realize the de-and recomposition of the anamorphoses, others use the space, the depths in which the exploded form levitates, at the same time waiting to be revealed and implying from the outset its own existence. Is this the meaning that is transformed by the change of point of view? Does the mirror really reveal or let it cross? Finally, it is by being aware of the intrinsic ambiguity of the tools implemented – the mirror, the deceptive materiality, the perspective – that the supreme tool of the vision is developed, then the mind comes to embrace the words – so essential, so cautiously chosen for the titles.

Selected works