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Though born and raised in Ghana, Solomon Adufah has lived in Chicago, Illinois for the past nine years. He taught himself to become the artist he is today, developing his drawing hobby into a professional art career.

Originally doubting art as a stable endeavor, Solomon Adufah dedicated himself to architecture. Once he realized the need to bring to light the positive wonders of Africa he made painting his permanent commitment. Since moving to Chicago, Adufah has been concerned with the negative perception of Africa that its history and the media have consistently tainted. The perception of Africa made of war, poverty and famine, shared by the American blacks, baffled him.

Using his artwork as a tool to react to this narrative, the artist crafted a personal mission “to empower, promote and celebrate the African culture through his portrait paintings.” What is vital in creating Homeland Series: Ghana is Solomon Adufah’s physical engagement with his subjects. His practice involves traveling to Africa and capturing the people he meets on his journeys.

“Moment of Mindfulness” : 15th November 2018 – 11th Janury 2019

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