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Moment of Mindfulness

Exhibition from the 15th of November to the 11th of January 2019
At Galerie des Bains, rue des Bains 22, 1205 Geneva

Galerie des Bains and Galerie Pages have the pleasure to present “Moment of Mindfulness” with the artist Solomon Adufah.

Moment of Mindfulness was the first solo show of the Ghanaian artist in Switzerland.

The paintings by Soloman Adufah illustrate viewpoints of people, shapes, and colors relevant in their everyday lives. As a result, blurs the preconceived notion of cultural identity and blackness portrayed within the American racial canon. Solomon Adufah aims to create genuine and authentic portraits that explore cultural identity and consanguinity. Besides, he wants to open a reflection about the diversity and richness lost in the deceptive mainstream representations of the black experience.

His style is realistic and carefully composed with vibrant colored backdrops and fabric motifs. He combines specific photographic subjects with remembered perceptions into a visually seamless arrangement. Thus, the photographs become a vocabulary of his uniquely illustrated paintings. Additionally, Adufah uses a palette of colors appointed in accordance with the tones and nuances of his Ghanaian homeland, conveying specificity beyond the personal periphery.

A uniquely vital aspect of his practice is rooted in emphasizing a necessary demand for cultural exchange. Through allowing dialogues about the diaspora divide and reaching beyond the cultural orthodox, the artist reverses the traditions of Western globalization. This constant physical engagement is mirrored in his portrait paintings. Moment of Mindfulness serves as a medium woven into the social and geographical fabric of the duality in his experiences living in Ghana and in the United States.


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